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Update the pirated version GTAV?

  • Before any of you rip my head off know that I DO have a legit version of GTAV. I bought it the day it came out right off the shelf at Best Buy, well not the shelf as I pre-ordered it. I got the lifetime ban for using trainers online giving all my friends gobs of money and also grew very impatient earning chump change replaying heists over and over and over and over again because someone couldn't fly a plane straight or follow directions.

    The other reason I don't use the legit version is because I revamped my pc and now I can't install it. My serial number on the booklet pops up "Already in use" and RStar wasn't very helpful. When it was running I couldn't update after the lifetime ban so it became useless.

    Now I use the pirated version offline without any problems even when modding. All the cars I install work but not all of the map mods do. I can't find DLC packs like the lowriders update or get Benny's lowrider SP mod to work. So I think I need to update but is that even possible in my situation?


  • @GetTheClicker But, banned or not, you should be able to connect in the social club and to play offline. At least, that what i heard from banned people

    Edit: ok i know where you should start, i also use an unofficial one for modding and one for online (i'm not banned, and wont because i don't mod on it). When you run the unofficial, and close it, you should run the launcher, it will force the social club to ask for your login, and you'll be able to connect again. This is what i have to do every time i want to play online.

    Edit2: for those who will say i'm not a legit owner:
    do not send me friends request, i wont answer

  • That's odd, your profile link takes me to mine.

    I still can't figure out why it won't let me use my serial anymore which is the 1st step to anything. RStar told me to delete my Social club folder and use my original signup information I used to register the game. That didn't seem to work. I'm afraid that if I do update with the legit version I won't be able to use ENT and the scripthookV version I am using now will be incompatible and I'll get the errors again. The game is fun but without the trainer's abilities there's so much to miss out on.

  • @GetTheClicker this thread is likely to be closed [Locked] soon.

  • Pirated versions are not supported here

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