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Peugeot 306 french license. Textures/Ideas??

  • So, I am looking for some Ideas/textures to use for the license on the Maxi. I have no idea about French plates so, (as per Krissboo suggestion) I figured I'd get yalls opinions. I have a few resources to check out so hopefully I'll have a better understanding when I get back here.

    Btw, I'm Locotomb, My friends call my Bam. I just started doing this at the beginning of the year. With no experience of any kind.
    I like this place cause you all push me to do better, I appreciate that.

    I don't do forums either so...yeah, sorry about protocol. or my ignorance of...


    @locotomb just google search some fence plates, you could probably retexture some British plates to make it work

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