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1995 Ford Mustang, No DL link

  • So, I took the mustang down so nobody else would see how new I am lol, but I've been working on it and trying to get it 100%.
    Which, more than likely, wont be able to do because I don't even know what 100% is. But I got the light corona issue straightened out, and I've linked the skirts properly so they swing with the doors. I should be done within the next 24 hours, If I stop seeing <fUps> <Item>aLot</Item></fUps> things here and there.

    We never stop learning. Thanks everyone.

    WIP..... 93 Mustang 20%; Dirt Subaru 80% and I'm considering rebuilding the models I've lost so I can finalize them. (F40, SubCusco, Saleen Mustang and the Ford Wrc....I thinksthats all the models I had posted. Last but not least I'm going to start building my 66 ford lowrider, when I get the other models wrapped. I miss that truck, you can see it in some of my screenshots....alt textalt text...I made the bed from scratch when I first started doing this. , alright laters.


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