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Car Replacements

  • Is there any way I can find out which car mod replaces which car in game?

    because searching through comments are taking way too long.

    i wanna download cars, but im not sure which car they are replacing ingame.

    what if i already replaced that car with another mod, and then i replaced again with another mod not knowing which is which because they dont mention in the pages which car mod replaces which car in game.

    i know right?

  • If it's not in the description or the comments then you'd have to download the mod and view the files to see what vehicle it replaces. If the mod is an OIV file then just open it with an archive manager and search for the vehicle files to find out what it replaces (OIV files are just ZIP files renamed).

    You can always rename the vehicle's files so that it replaces another vehicle (although you'll also have to edit any configuration files such as handling data to match the new vehicle name).

  • @Jitnaught thanks ill try those.

  • @Mikz And you best take care of what you are replacing too. Does it come with a tuning kit? If it doesn't, and the vehicle you replace does, your game will crash when the game attempts to spawn said vehicle with a tuning part. If the car in question exists in vehiclemodelsets.meta, you can change modkits = 0 to modkits = -1 to ensure the game does not attempt to spawn the vehicle with tuning parts.

    Now recently, I discovered that the bagger I replaced with a Harley has tuning parts, but does not have an entry for in vehiclemodelsets. Obviously that may provide for me a dilemna. See, I don't know if the game will try to spawn this vehicle with a tuning part or not. Rather than take the risk, I then went to vehicles.meta and made it so it would never spawn more than O. Since I obviously wanted this to replace that fugly looking POS bike of Frank's, it's all I cared about, LOL.

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