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Respawn Alternatives - Sharing is caring

  • So totally in love with this beautifully crafted script. Could never live without it.

    What I am doing is replacing all vanilla airplanes, fighter jets, and Helis with HQ real-World equivalents - mainly skylinegtrfreak stuff. It's so wonderful to die, and suddenly find yourself already flying in any of his cool renditions. Nice to spawn at some random spot on the map in a Heli which has homing missiles and machine guns. The ini is so totally configurable, so I can control a majority of what I spawn in or where likely to spawn on a map. Mad props to the creator of this mod, AND our good friend and fantastic creator of aircraft and military hardware in skylinegtrfreak.

  • @eshenk Yeah skylinegtrfreak is the #1 for me too. He is also pretty much the only one who cares for proper LOD model integration and utilizes HD textures only where suitable.

  • haven't tried it yet. sound awesome. kinda look for it and try it sometime soon. thanks.

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