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Game crashing at specific points

  • Free mode I can play without any hiccups but I decided to replace a boat load of cars and start a new game from scratch. Implement the cars and see them perform while playing through story mode. It's not working out so great.

    On the mission where Michael is in the morgue, has to kill the agents, and make an escape through the window there's 2 cars outside. One of which I replaced, the Felon. As soon as I am about the smash the window, CRASH! Stealing the other car, a BALLER suv, there's no incident.

    Now I'm stuck on a mission where Franklin has to assassinate the guy leaving the motel for Lester. Right as the target walks through the door, CRASH.

    I went through all the cars I've installed and everything is perfect. No errors upon spawn in, destruction, or playing bumper cars.

    My errorcodes txt file is no longer giving updated information but the recent error is game memory error.

    I'm running with 32 gigs of ram, an AMD 8350 FX BE, a GTX 1080 FE, on an SSHD Seagate Firecuda.

    The simple solution would be to skip or not play specific missions but on the off chance it's something stupid I may have overlooked I'd like to fix it.

  • @GetTheClicker This is just a speculative question... is the car you installed as a replacement for the original mission car, one that uses more resources than the original? I ask because if the game is trying to allocate a memory pool based on the original car being there and your new one requires more, then it might run out of memory.

    The pain-in-the-backside way I would check it, is to replace your new car with one that is significantly lower in resource usage... lower polycount etc... see if that makes a difference. I only ever do addon vehicles and played through the back end of the story mode with the IVPack installed without a hitch.

  • That actually makes sense, I hadn't thought of that.

    I tried something else, afraid of being stuck on that mission. Downloaded a saved game 100% already played through. I did 10 missions and the last one, the Hotel Assassination I was stuck on went off without a hitch. It didn't crash. I'm going to replace my personal saved game files back in and see what happens.

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