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  • Please forgive me/move this if this is in the wrong place.

    I am currently in the process of making a FiveM trucking server and I have an idea for one of my routes. Basically I want to transport gold but I'm unsure of the process of making gold and how I could implement it into my server. The idea I have so far is to go the the quarry and pick up gold ore and take it to the gold factory (unsure what it is called but I'm sure you guys know of it) and that's all I have come up with as of now.

    Any ideas/help would be very much appreciated. :grin:

  • @Daniel26992 isn't there trolleys full of it from a hesit in sp?

  • Yes that is an idea. However the part I'm struggling with ATM is the process from making it from liquid gold into gold bars as it isn't really realistic if I was to put liquid gold into a trailer lol

  • huh? liquid gold? i'm talking about the gold like this alt text

  • I mean this place
    alt text
    alt text

    Upon further research the place looks to be called Slag Canyon and i think it is a steel works factory (not gold after all but oh well lol)

  • @Daniel26992 could probably take it from the quarry to the bank or something

  • yeah think i'm just gonna do that for now. Was trying to over-complicate it before lol. Thank you :smile:

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