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Need help with some tweaks

  • Hi guys

    After returning to finish modifying my game I need help reverting/changing some earlier tweaks I made or installed with mods.
    All files is modified original files installed in mods folder, so I hope everything can be changed in openiv.
    I dont use any ENB/reshads/sweetfx or anything like that. I need help to make following changes:

    Get up after hit by car:
    In the game it take so long time to get on my feet after being hit by a car/shot/falling. Is there any mod or tweak that make it possible to get quicker on my feet?

    Blood splatter: The directional blood indicators onscreen when being shot at is gone and I have some kind of "broken glass" effect instead. Any easy way to to restore this to default?

    Sun size: How can I make the sun larger?

    Fire effects: Not sure why this is, but all fire effects "wave in the wind" really fast as it was a storm. I like to revert it back to default.

    Lightning color: At some point I changed color of lightning to blueish but I want it back to default now. What file/settings control color of lightning?

    Water puddles: How to tweak size of water puddles on the road when raining?
    Wanted system: I have helicopters at 3 stars, dont want that anymore. What file/setting control this?
    Fog/mist: I have small amount of floating mist/dust in the air at all weather types, this normally only appear after rain. Where can I change this so it only appear after rain again?
    Car destruction: Cars gets destroyed too fast, I want it back to default. What file/setting do I need to revert?
    Wind effects: The wind effects on trees/plants is too much, I need to reduce the wind effect back to default.

    Any help to get this solved is appreciated :)
    Have fun.

  • I found solution to issue nr 10. water puddles.
    This mod Better Puddles, actually give instrution to how to tweak puddles to players liking.

    9 more to go then, anyone?


    @xxx78 regarding the wind one, I had the same issue a while back. Edit branchbend_windswttings and edit max strength(?) to 0. It’s in update.rpf/common/data. Also, for helicopter on 3 stars, edit dispatch.meta

  • @Reacon Thanks for the suggestions, I will soon try the tweaks.
    If this works there is only 8 tweaks Im still searching for...


    for the lightning, try replacing the "thunder_" files in mods/common.rpf/data/levels/gta5/weather with the vanilla ones

  • @Reacon Amazing, keep it coming, your a game saver :D
    Working on it now....

    About floating fog/mist/dust, here is some pics:

    Any idea what setting that control this?
    I guess it have something to do with weather files but no idea where to start.


    @xxx78 had this issue a while back

    "mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/levels/gta5" and edit "weather.xml"

    Look for a variable called "Fog value=" underneath each weather. There should be a bunch of them.

    Change each one to have 0.0000 as the value and import the edited file back into your game.


    let me know if that worked

  • @Reacon
    Ok here we go.

    The fog setting "Fog value" in each weather type worked perfect, thanks :D
    Wanted system was as you said in dispatch.meta, so that's solved.
    About wind effect in trees/brushes/grass I reverted all back to vanilla and it worked :D

    About Lightning, the files I have is vanilla files so that did not work. I see that there is some color settings in those files but they is all vanilla. Any suggestions where to look next?

    Another thing that I have noticed that I like to fix is floating "trash" in the air. It look like small black and white paper pieces blowing in the wind. It is barely visible in the first pic I posted above as bright white dots. Any thoughts?


    i use a mix of graphic mods so i couldn't tell you the exact file for it, but try editing the timecycle files and look for anything relating to particles

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