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[Vehicle] Could anyone make the Deora II in GTAV?

  • The Deora II is one of my all time personal favorites. It is a hot wheels car and hot wheels has even made a real life version of it. I'm sure that making and modeling cars in game isn't an easy task, but I would be greatly appreciated if someone were to tackle this challenge.

    Here is a picture of the real life Deora II.

  • @Devanusos I'm pretty sure Dodge was the first one to make a Deora II way back in the late 70's before Hot Wheels did. Or vice versa, who the hell knows.

    Also good luck on seeing a Deora II here. I made a request for some cars here before, actually more than once, and they were pretty much ignored. Or just shat upon. Also every time I state this it's then that someone comes to offer to do it or complain about my thought on vehicle/map requests being ignored based on what they are about.

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