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[Discontinued] [Misc] County of Merseyside

  • I have discontinued the project due to a number of factors, but primarily this is due to moving into a new career and therefore not having the time to dedicate to the project.
    Apologies to all that were looking forward and interested!

    Work in Progress: County of Merseyside, UK

    Greetings one and all,

    My name is TheBritishRaccoon, and I bring to you a new design in British related modding.

    I have often noticed that apart from emergency vehicle modifications, most counties, districts and such are not really developed other than the London Borough areas including The Met.

    So my goal is to retexture San Andreas into the County of Merseyside initially, then to make alternatives with other cities, such as Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and so on. Why Merseyside, first?

    Merseyside is my home county, well I live in this little sticky out bit between Wales and Liverpool, but not really a big concern. But, the idea is that starting with my home county will be easier in relation to knowing local businesses, councils, cultures, and the likes. And for those football fans... you may see a few flags from Merseyside teams.


    So what will be included?

    • Merseyside Police - Retextures of all LE related things, within reason.

    • Local Council Boroughs - Flags/ Banners/ Billboards/ Waste Disposal etc.

    • Local Businesses - Restaurants/ Shops etc.

    • Parks - Birkenhead Park/ Sefton Park etc.

    • Vanilla Vehicles - Emergency Vehicles will get some nice local reskins/ business vehicles will also.

    • Much more to be announced over time.


    I know a few people will question why I am doing something that other already do, and it's simple, most stick with London. And there is more to the UK than London.

    If you find the project interesting or Merseyside is also your home town, then feel free to drop me suggestions and the like.


    V0.3: Unreleased - Currently in testing from volunteers

    V0.3: Added - Merseyside Police theme to Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay Sheriff Stations

    V0.3: Added - Merseyside Police theme to LSPD Police Station

    V0.3: Added - Custom loading screens - featuring: The Beatles

    V0.3: In Progress - Began work on Merseyrail themed metro stations

    I do apologise but the first public version is currently being postponed until Wednesday 30th May, this is due to unexpected real world commitments. I am however actively working on the modification daily. It will just take a little longer.

  • https://imgur.com/J5JqnXr

    The Bus Stop Design is fictional in a sense, but we have a lot of Banksy art in the Wirral area.

  • Version One Release Date: Wednesday 30th May 2018

    I have decided that version one of the retexture should be available as an initial release, it will be in no way complete, but some form of progression would be made, and you will all be able to experience a slight touch of Merseyside whilst I continue to develop the mod further.

    Progression at its finest

    If you have any questions, suggestions or anything else. Please do not hesitate to contact me!

  • Added:

    Merseyrail Logos/ Adverts/Station Colours/Station Names

    Merseytravel Logos/Bus Stops/Advertisements

    Flags retextured for borough flags. I.e. County of Merseyside Flag.

    Google Image Example of Flag:

    alt text

  • watching with interest as not that far from me im from Preston area :thumbsup_tone1:

  • @Christian6984 Awesome man! I'll be releasing the first version soon. As soon as the MerPol and MerRail editing is complete. Shouldn't be too long! :D

  • alt text

    Merseyside Police emblem and a new splash of paint for LSPD Police Station

    alt text

    Putting up some new boards around the station too of course

  • Teaser Update:

    alt text

    Updated Signs for Metro Stations - Walls also getting paint job

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