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Fix For Game Memory Error May 2018 By Police18651

  • It is not one issue, it is multiple issues with this piece of shit engine.

    You will get crashes if you allow tuned cars to spawn in traffic, because parts cannot be placed where the game wants them to be placed which results in errors. So first off you need to disable tuned spawns for traffic cars. Tuned cars MAY NOT spawn freely in traffic, this will result in a river of shit. You can still add cars with tuning to the game and then tune the cars yourself in LSC.

    Same goes for any kind of other shit. There may be issues with convertibles, because the replacer lacks the animation (there is a vehicles.meta fix for that) and with the game trying to spawn peds in a car that is not suited for such.

    But then there is also memory issues. The game has trouble allocating enough memory for traffic if your cars are too large, this is a major source of errors. People are solving things with gameconfigs, but honestly, to this day I am yet to see any actual evidence that those gameconfigs actually do anything for replacement cars. I mean, limit spawns or variety to a fraction - great fix. /s

    Got shittons of memory, I just want to dump everything in there and be done with it, but there are no useful logs or debugging tools whatsoever.

  • @Police-18651 sir if I use other than 0.1x peds and 0.1x traffic version, for example the 5x version, do I have to change the contents as you explained above?

  • Esta é a ajuda que eu precisava antes eu tinha instalado 64 carros e comecei a receber o error gta5 fatal error too many archives mounted max size 2648
    mas antes só 59 carros o jogo tava rodando de boa mas agora você salvou minha vida tanks bro

  • Can confirm, working; October 2019.

  • Doesn NOT work for me! Anybody knows something else?

  • I'm still having an issue with Game Memory crashes. I can't get my game to stop crashing, and I've tried this already. I've got no custom cars or anything at this point. I've tried a full reinstall of my game, and I've got no luck. If anyone has any other recommendations(even you Police), please let me know. Because this is really starting to get annoying trying to figure out a way around this Game Memory error.

  • @DarKKlusteR
    I have same problem, tried about everything at this point. Been getting the error for about a month now

  • anyone find a fix yet? I keep receiving errors about the game memory even though I followed these steps. I also downloaded https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/anti-crash-hotfix-for-replace-cars#comments_tab to see if that would help but it did not. I just want to simply replace all GTA 5 traffic vehicles with (not even tuned) real-life vehicles. There should be a way to do this. I see youtube videos that have been able to accomplish that so what's the gig?

  • Thank you so much!!

  • @SpockOnMedicine the problem isn't related to this at all. Most real life vehicle mods have very high polygon count on their models and by replacing every car, you are pushing your system specs and/or the game too much and the game just gives up and crashes.

  • i seriously want to thank you, the heap adjuster and the pack file limit adjuster dint work or the game config alone but changing it to 1200 worked like a charm. i would like to donate to you once i get paid. than you so much. my game would keep crashing over 4 add on peds with a lot of mods

  • Ehm works but with 01x01 there isn`t enough traffic

  • If you remove the mod kit on the car like set the kit to
    in the carvariations.meta that will that not use up game memory?

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