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ENB & ReShade Not Working

  • For sometime now the text overlays for both when initially launching the game don't show up anymore and the hotkeys to bring up their consoles don't work either. I'm not sure what's causing them both not to work because even after re-downloading them again won't fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • @Flava0ne Did you make sure to unblock them? Right-click each file, click properties, and make sure to tick "unblock".

  • @eshenk Where in the properties window is there an "unblock" option?

  • @Flava0ne Well if the option isn't there, then obviously yours are not blocked, LOL. I just know to always check that with any thing you download, cause almost every file I have ever downloaded to date has that option. Sorry bro, I am using both ENB and reshade, and mine works as intended.

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