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Couple of Questions

  • Hello!

    Long ago I was able to upload my mods and get them approved immediately in GTA4-Mods.com
    Is there a way to do that? and to also limit the videos that can be uploaded? people post videos and take away my exposure.
    Not sure if that's possible.
    Thanks! Rappo!

  • @yeahhmonkey Oh I see yes, people are really sons of guns haha.

    As for the video part that would be amazing so that I can approve the videos.
    Sometimes they get more exposure than my own stuff haha.

  • @Quechus13 Rappo was talking about the video problem in a thread I started because I mentioned it for my own mod. When you add videos to your own mod, they get placed first and are then followed by user videos. That means that when you upload a new video, it ends up right at the beginning of the user videos, well out of sight.

    So for me, what it needs is an "author" section, where the content is yours alone and then a sub-section underneath where user videos are shown. That way people can see where the videos have come from and when the author has uploaded something new.

  • @Quechus13 Sorry but as @yeahhmonkey mentioned, I no longer allow auto-approved uploads. As for the videos, right now it's not possible to limit the community videos, but as @LeeC2202 said, your videos will always be at the front of the list. You can also remove any videos that you don't want left on your mod page.

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