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Unregistered Script??

  • So Recently I've been trying to get certain scripts mods to work like the Psychokinesis mod, the Quicksilver mod, and Thor mod but none of them work at all. Thing is, I can get the menu to show up, and addonpeds is working fine along with the trainer, but everytime i try to enable powers for either one of these script mods nothing happens. I've made sure that I have all the prequisites for each mod, including Microsoft visual c++ and .net framework, and I've read through each other logs to see if everything was ok but then I happen to see that the ScriptHookVDotNet is being defined as an "Unregistered script"


    Does this have any significance towards my problem or am I looking in the wrong places? Btw I've checked my ScriptHookDotNet log but all I saw was this,


    Help would be very much appreciated. Please.


    What game version you running?

    Also, are all your mods up to date? Including the scripthooks

  • Im currently running v1.0.1365.1. I can confirm that the script hook is up to date. The Script Hook V .NET im running is version 2.10.6 which im pretty sure is the current version of that as well. The current mod im trying to use, Psychokinetic, im pretty sure is up to date since people reported the mod running just fine as of today. My only suspicion is the LUA Plugin, since it was last updated in 2015. I'll try removing it and see if that goes anywhere and i'll get back to you.


    There is no error in the logs. SHV unregisters scripts when you close the game or reload scripts.
    What you should do is updating SHVDN since your version is almost a year old.


    @jmap1 lua doesn't seem to be working anymore, according to comments on the mod. i suggest you do as @Unknown-Modder says and update your game too

  • Ok I think it's working now, thank you everyone. Even though I installed the same SHVDN for 4 times now, however after re-extracting it into my main directory everything is fine. Could of also been that my game didn't have administrator rights. I'll try to install something else and say what it was specifically so if anyone is having the same problems this can help. Thanks again guys.

    Edit: So the only thing I did to fix this problem was Launch GTA 5.exe through the directory. Note I have LauncherBypasser so im able to launch it.

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