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Any way to see what bones exist in a vehicle without using ZModeler?

  • I thought I would post this before I set off on another run of vehicle spawning. In my camera mod, I am using bone locations to fix the camera focal point, but I basically have to pick a bone that I think might be in the vehicle, spawn it, try and enter it and see if it crashes or not... which isn't the best way.

    So is there any file in the GTAV collection that will tell me what bones are used in that particular vehicle? I am sure this is something the vehicle modders would know, so they might be the best people to ask. I could use ZModeler but I really don't want to renew my license just for a day's worth of model loading and checking.

    If anyone knows, could they let me know please? Thanks.

  • Just open the vehicle with OpenIV and you'll see all bones.

  • @Oskar Ah right, so the list of objects you see are bones and not geometry parts... now I feel like Mr Derp! Thank you.

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