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Can someone help me please?

  • So I started reinstalling mods after my update.rpf got corrupted.

    I started re entering the dlc activation lines into dlc.xml, but when I do this my game keeps crashing.

    I know its not the gameconfig.xml issue because instead of saying "gta 5 has stopped working", it just says gta 5 exited unexpectedly.

    I don't know what to do, does anyone have a soloution?


    @ktrainbfs try changing the game config anyway

  • @ktrainbfs I installed this gameconfig by dilapidated, and it fixed my crashing issue.. https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gameconfig-xml-dilapidated


    @ktrainbfs said in Can someone help me please?:

    So I started reinstalling mods after my update.rpf got corrupted.

    Unless those mods were present inside update.rpf (not many are; but those that are, tend to be graphics mods), there's no reason to redo all your mods.

    My advice to you is this (even if only for future reference). Roll your own .OIV installer. I used an old QuantV .OIV as template, for istance (they're just ZIP files: rename them to. ZIP to unpack). I added items, like my custom dlclist.xml, my custom gameconfig, custom startup screen, etc. That way, after a mishap, or simply a new game update, all you have to do, is copy the new update.rpf, deploy your own OIV package, and you're back in business. :)

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