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Textures from Vehshare.ytd not loading in!

  • I have a rims mod that wants me to add dds images to the vehshare.ytd file, I do and they worked fine until I installed the 'better dirt' mod and they stopped working. I deleted the x64e folder and copied a new one into my mods folder, added in the dds image and it didn't work. I still have messed up textures on the rims. I have checked it numerous times and there's no errors. Anyone know what the problem is?

  • Delete better dirt mod

  • @Reacon I think that's the problem, I'll delete it and see if it works.

  • @Divine seems like it. do your license plates show in game? if so, vehshare.ytd works as that's where they are stored

  • @Reacon Yeah they do, the dds images I added in don't though :(

  • @Divine what wheel pack was it? i installed one at the start of the month and it worked

  • @Reacon Fixed it now, doesn't matter. Thanks for help.

  • @Divine tell us how you did it, in case someone else has the problem and finds your topic

  • @Reacon I removed the better dirt mod by deleting my x64 folder and the update.rpf and starting fresh.

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