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Textures problems with modded vehicles after NaturalVision ; VisualV ; ENB ; Corona Begone installation

  • Hello everyone, thank you by advance if you tried to help me. So basically everything is said in the title, I modded a big part of my vehicles and everything worked well, but when I installed VisualV & NaturalVision with the optional ENB Series & Corona Begone, the half of my modded vehicles has some textures bug (the other half didn't have texture bug and the non-modded ones didn't have any problem too), like an Alpha texture of a wheel in the body of the car, or some car totally white and some lights in the back of some cars are white instead of red (this let me think it was Corona Begone but when I reinstall VisualV to cancel the Corona.png I replace in the VisualV graphics, it didn't change anything). If someone knows what mod makes this textures bugs and if you know how I can fix it. Thank you for your time ! ^^

  • @AZzoCat THIS right here, explains why I NEVER allow an OIV install - use manual only so you have full control over what gets installed. Use the OIV uninstaller, and start over. Just examine each folder, so you can see what to avoid - the guy has full DLC that includes vanilla vehicles plus a bunch of edits to carcols and carvariations etc.

  • @eshenk @cgz Thank you for your answers, so I actually go with OpenIV to the folder NVR_emissive and delete the ytd's of the cars I modded and it works, no more texture problems. I was thinking about this NVR folders but I only check the NVR_textures but it was the outdated folder, thank you for your help now I have a really nice looking game, have a great day ! :3

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