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Problem with LSPDFR 0.3



    I have a problem with LSPDFR I don't know why but LSPDFR crashes after I go "On Duty" with this mods:

    • Assert Callouts
    • Arrest Manager
    • Better EMS

    What can I do to fix that?

  • @Reyser Make sure that you are using a legal version [Updated]
    The best is a clean instal without anymod.

    then start installing it from the beginning with the tutorial and update to the newest rage plugin.
    Just follow the tutorial and it will give you the newest.
    Test. If it works you can add some mods/extra police mods :D
    This maybe sounds stupid but a clean start is always the best to test what mod is causing it.


    @yeahhmonkey I do the installation correctly because when I start the game the LSPFR works fine, even with S.W.A.T Callouts and Automatic Roadblocks plugins.

    I tried deleting my Scripts folder (to avoid crashes because them) but still the same. And my other mods are VisualV, some Livery's for Add-On cars (shouldn't and won't affect to the LSPDFR mod), weapons and real police sounds. These mods can't be the problem because I can use LSPDFR with them and no problem, the problem comes with the first 3 plugins I mentioned in first comment. I don't know why this happens.

  • @Reyser
    Strange, Sorry that i could not help you.
    Maybe it's the best to post it on there forum to see if they know somethin/see the logs what happen for the crash.

    If you need anything just ask. but sorry that i don't know this solution :(


    @yeahhmonkey Don't worry, you helped what you could, thanks anyway ;)

  • @Reyser No problem

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