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texture problem

  • Having problem with liveries on sheriff and pranger, any hint on how to solve this annoying issue?

    [IMG] https://imgur.com/a/wJnrjUO [/IMG]

  • @LtRob

    Do you have NVR installed?

    NVR installs certain vehicle textures (.ytd) in a dlcpacks folder called 'NVR_emissive'


    In 'textures.rpf' you will find various .ytd files ('sheriff.ytd' & 'pranger.ytd' are there for example). These textures are for the vanilla vehicles & override the default textures for those vehicles.
    If you have replaced the vanilla 'sheriff.yft' with that of a Dodge Charger (for example) the textures will not match (ie Dodge Charger is trying to load vanilla Sheriff textures (albeit edited ones)).
    If this is the case just delete the problem .ytd's from the 'NVR_emissive' folder structure & as long as the cars are installed correctly the game should now select the right texture :thumbsup:

    Ctrl+F3 can be used in OpenIV to search for files by name. You can also select to search game folder only, mods folder only or both.
    You can try 'sheriff.ytd' & see what you find. There should only be 3 sheriff.ytd's, one in x64e, one in patchday1ng & the one that the game normally loads (ie the one in the highest patchday?ng folder of the three) in patchday3ng. :thumbsup:

  • thx man i solved it this morning

  • @LtRob :thumbsup:

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