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How to change characters in Family-Friendly Free Roaming mod?

  • The default character is Franklin and I want to change it to Michael. How can I do that? The documentation said not to use Trevor character. What will happen if I try to use Trevor character? I would like to download new vehicles from this website. Will this affect the FFFR mod?

  • Far down in the description on the mod page there's some helpful information:
    "How to make the game even less violent
    -- Michael is slightly better than Franklin. Change to him with a trainers skin changer (the native trainer works). You can also switch by holding down the Alt key (from 2.5 this mod needs to be deactivated in order to show the character wheel). Do not play as Trevor if you want to avoid disturbing content."

    Trevor got for example disturbing cut-scenes (however there is a setting called "stop_cutscenes") and rampage missions. I just tried a rampage mission and the only thing happening is the screen effect, since all peds are made friendly and weapons are removed. I haven't worked on getting Trevor family friendly hence I don't know what it's like playing as him with FFFR. Do it at your own risk.

    You can go ahead an install any skin, vehicle, map etc. you like. Actually any mod where you don't need to kill anyone, basically.

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