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Scenarios, playing and stopping

  • I managed to get both enter, idle, and exit animations working but when i try to make them exit the scenario they go right back into it. How do i make the NPC leave/exit the scenario i played?

  • You set a timer for the entry, changing this setting :

    <TimeTilPedLeaves value="-1.000000" />

    to a new number.

    If the scenario is taking place on a navmesh poly, which does not have a footpath flag, for instance in an alley, then you also need to edit Taskdata.meta and add this flag :


    to this entry :

    <Item> <Name>STANDARD_PED</Name> <TaskWanderConditionalAnimsGroup>WANDER</TaskWanderConditionalAnimsGroup> <ScenarioAttractionDistance value="10.000000" /> <Flags>PreferFleeOnPavements CanScreamDuringFlee CanBeShoved CanBeTalkedTo</Flags> </Item>

    In some cases there can be other hinderances, such as fixed leaving time controlled by the ymt, IKblocking and more.

    In a case like that, I would need to know more about the specific scenario.

    I hope this helped you a little bit.

    Happy Modding :0)

  • @Wunder-Wulfe ^^^^^^^^

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