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after the maintenance of rockstar and addons not work....

  • after the maintenance of rockstar, on addons in the "mods" folder they do not work anymore and someone knows something? I do not know maybe missing a new update of script hook v or some stuck in the game? but I see some members do not say in my same problem and their members use on addons that work after also rockstar maintenance....... could you help me please?


    @DucatiV as long as you have openiv.asi it should work

  • @Reacon yes, on Openiv is work and all addons of cars not work

  • @Reacon I solved because I found a word that was missing "</ Paths>" in the last line of the file "dlclist.xml" and I really did not notice before checking to save, so it works perfectly and I thank you for helping: ) YAY!!!

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