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Not able to install Chevrolet Impala SS Hard Top 1️9️6️4️🎲 [Add-On | Tuning | Wipers] on my Hosted server.

  • Good Day,


    I am running the latest GTA V Version on Steam and have the basic Mods listed below on a server hosted by Zap-Hosting if that matters.

    MySQL Async V2.0.4
    Dunkos vRP Pack V6.7

    Would like to add this car to server as I want to bring that Cali lowrider culture feel to it. Thanks to any input on this.

  • @El-Phoenix
    Are you talking about a FiveM Server?
    I planned to bring a FiveM version of the vehicle. I test it and it works for the current version. But the next update require a custom layout file which seems not to be supported by FiveM. But its a little bit time ago, so it can be fixed now. Also the handling needs to be a bit adjusted on the lowrider version if u want to use it on a roleplay server, because the damage is getting very fast, and is a problem when putting the switches.

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman

    Yes the server is a FiveM server, I am 100% noob to Mods on GTA 5 and also to setting them up on a server. I just wanted to give it a try, and the first thing I wanted to see in this server was this 1964 Impala. If you decide to bring this over to FiveM I am sure that others aswell as me would love to have it on the servers to RP. On a side note would like to say thanks ,I've seen the video for it good work hope to see more like it especially on FiveM.

  • @El-Phoenix If u are new to mod, then its very difficult to help you. Because its a very special mod. And this mod have over 400 tuning parts to the game limits. And these limits can be get reached if u install other addons on the server. So a knowledge of addons ins important.
    I would like to see my impla on servers too, yes. But the admins should know what they doing when running mods. Idk how you team is build up. But in your case, please start first with a more simple addon which is more for noobs. I would say, to stay in this kind of section, this mod https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/chevrolet-monte-carlo-ss-88 at first try. And also visit the fiveM forums. This here is mainly for the mods itself.

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