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[Script] [WIP] [BETA] You Are Not Alone

  • Hello, guys.
    I have been making a script mod to let player not feel alone.
    The reasons I made this mod are:

    • the world is really quiet so I can hardly find criminals and hear noise of sirens,
    • I was pretty tired of doing something like driving alone, killing people, especially cops, and so on.
    • I thought it would be fun if there were many criminals which fight with cops/soliders.

    So I'm making this mod, You Are Not Alone (actually I need better name of this..), which may solve those problems.
    This is my first mod, so there are so many things to fix.
    I'll make them done as soon as possible.

    The injected criminals:

    • Aggressive driver
    • Carjacker
    • Gang driveby
    • Gang war
    • Masscre squad
    • Racers
    • Terrorist

    And the dispatches:

    • LSPD Ground
    • LSPD Helicopter
    • SWAT Ground
    • SWAT Helicopter
    • FIB Ground
    • Army Ground
    • Army Helicopter
    • Fire Fighter
    • Paramedic


    • Aggressive Driver
      • Drives aggressively.
      • Drives a vehicle randomly tuned.
      • Can use nitro.
      • Gets 2 LSPD Ground, 1 LSPD Helicopter and LSPD road block wtih stinger.

    • Carjacker
      • Drives aggressively.
      • Can steal vehicle which is either locked or a driver inside.
      • Gets 1 LSPD Ground.

    • Gang driveby
      • Drives aggressively.
      • Drives a vehicle randomly tuned.
      • Shoots everyone near exclude same team.
      • Can use either car or bike.
      • Wait for members which drop from vehicle if they are still alive.
      • Gets 2 LSPD Ground, 1 SWAT Ground, 1 SWAT Helicopter and 1 SWAT road block with stinger if riding a car.
      • Gets 2 LSPD Ground, 1 SWAT Ground and 1 SWAT road block with stinger if riding a bike.

    • Gang war
      • Fights with other gang members and dispatches.
      • Gets 3 LSPD Ground

    • Massacre squad
      • Shoots everyone near exclude same team.
      • Wears ballistic outfit and uses minigun or rpg.
      • Has more health and armor.
      • Gets 2 FIB Ground, 2 SWAT Ground and 2 SWAT Helicopter.

    • Racers
      • Drive aggressively.
      • Drive vehicles randomly tuned.
      • Drive to certain destination with 3 other racers, which means when racers event arises, there are 4 racers spawned.
      • Can use nitro.
      • Can use either car or bike.
      • Get 2 LSPD Ground, 1 LSPD Helicopter and LSPD road block with stinger, if riding cars.
      • Get 2 LSPD Ground and LSPD road block with stinger, if riding bikes.

    • Terrorist
      • Drives aggressively.
      • Shoots vehicle weapon to everyone near.
      • Gets 4 Army Ground, 2 Army Helicopter and Army road block with stinger.

    • Fire Fighter
      • Puts off fire with fire extinguisher.
      • Is a little bit stupid -> Quite better for now.

    • Paramedic
      • Checks dead peds.
      • Is really stupid. Embarrassing -> Quite better for now.

    • Shield
      • Is given to SWAT member randomly.
      • Depends bullets for owner and is fire proof.

    • Stinger
      • Is placed behind road block vehicle.
      • Bursts tire which is not bulletproof and touches stinger.

    • Certain vehicle injected into traffic
      • May remain either stock or randomly tuned, and if it's tuned, some parts might be stock and others tuned randomly.
      • Has random primary and secondary colors, and if it's tuned, neon colors and rim colors which may not be installed.
      • Supports Addon vehicles.
      • Supports Benny's wheels and Addon wheels.

    Those are all I've got for now.
    Stay tuned for next updates !
    Thank you for reading and sorry for my bad English.
    Have a nice day, guys.


    Hello, do yours - Certain vehicle injected into traffic

    May remain either stock or randomly tuned, and if it's tuned, some parts might be stock and others tuned randomly.
    Has random primary and secondary colors, and if it's tuned, neon colors and rim colors which may not be installed.
    Supports Addon vehicles.
    Supports Benny's wheels.

    It will work the same / similar / different than here:


    Thank you for your answer. Regards ;)

  • Hello, @Remix
    Thank you for your reply.
    Well, I'm not sure because I have not used the mod you linked, but I think it's quite similar.

    More specific information about that feature:

    • You can let any cars, bikes and quadbikes you want spawn in traffic (not only vanilla ones but also addon ones).
    • Spawned vehicles has random primary and secondary colors. If they are tuned, they might have neons and tuned wheels (also randomly). If they have neons, the neon color is randomly selected and if they have tuned wheels, so is rim color.
    • Those vehicles may either remain stock or be randomly tuned when spawned.
    • "Randomly tuned" means those vehicles can have tuning parts installed from LSC like spoiler, front bumper and so on and even benny's parts like dials, ornaments, and so on randomly. So every tuning part available on those vehicles may either remain stock or tuned and the number of tuning kit is also random. I think it enhances variety of traffic.
    • Furthermore, wheels tuning supports benny's wheels and addon wheels like JDM Rims Pack by Vsoreny and Wheels Custom Pack by GanjaHouse.

    Sorry for my bad English. I hope this reply would be right answer for you.
    Thank you in advance !


    I understand, thank you for your answer! ;)

    I would like to write you a few things and ask you something else:

    1. DLC / Add-On Vehicles Spawn on Traffic 1.3 by I'm Not MentaL has such a minus that it is from 2016 year and has the need to enter vehicles to be used by the script.

    2. DLC / Add-On Vehicles Spawn on Traffic 1.3 by I'm Not MentaL also has such a minus that all tuned vehicles have a changed horn on the sound and in the game it really annoys when suddenly every vehicle plays side by side through 1-2 melodies which it starts and does not end.

    3. I hope you set up your script so that it will use the popgroups.ymt file. or so that you do not have to manually enter vehicles into the file and update them so that the script knows which vehicles to use.

    For example, we have uploaded popgroups.ymt from World of Variety and the script does not need a leech with manually typed vehicles that are supposed to be flared. Only checks what are available in the file popgroups.ymt and based on their works and discourages vehicles after tuning in places designated where the vehicles are supposed to move thanks to popgroups.ymt.

    Is it possible?

    1. Or maybe it is possible to set the file itself popgroups.ymt so that the vehicles will also be revived after the tuning and maybe you do not need a script?

    I know for sure that through popgroups.ymt you can set what vehicles you can see on the streets, parking lots and which are to be in a given district and part of the city and the map.

    1. Is it possible that you will publish a script for vehicles after tuning will be public or private? I would be pleased to be a beta tester of this script option.

  • I think that it is a very wonderful mod! ,
    I expect this mod

  • Hi, @Remix Thank you for your comment !
    Here comes my answers for you:

    1. I'm sorry that my script also has need to type vehicles' spawn names on xml file included.

    2. Fortunately, I hate horn tuning so mine doesn't tune horns.

    3. I'm sorry that I don't know how to access to popgroups.ymt which is placed in \mods\update\update.rpf\x64\levels\gta5 by script.
      But I think I could tune vehicles which are already on traffic by popgroups.ymt by code.

    4. Well, as I know, not really. My tuning logic is quite simple.
      Choose one vehicle near player, save its position, heading, speed and whether the driver is inside then delete it.
      After that, spawn selected vehicle on saved position with heading, speed then if previous one had a driver, create driver in new vehicle.
      And I feel sorry that my goal of this feature is to make player find desired vehicles wherever he/she is.
      So my script spawns vehicles typed in xml file, without checking where player is.
      If you need feature like popgroups.ymt does, it would be great choice to use Lively World by Eddlm.
      His mod must be much better than mine and has the district related spawning feature.

    5. Yes I plan to start beta testing soon. The reason I don't release it is that there are still many things to fix which are embarassing me.
      Most of all, some changes may be noticed by player. I mean, while I playing, sometimes I can see criminals or dispatches spawning. I think this bug decreases fun of playing so I need more work to fix it.
      And you might be noticed if you watched videos above, my firefighters and paramedics are quite incomplete. I will try to make it better, but they might be deleted if I fail.
      So, when I think it's ready for public beta, I'll let you know and of coursely all of my source codes will be open in github.

    Thank you for reading. Have a nice day :)

  • Thank you, @tkhr1103 !
    I'll try hard to make this mod even better to satisfy you ! :D

  • Hello, everyone. Here come updates.

    • Paramedics are a little bit better. But still needs more work.
    • Currently I'm trying to reduce performance loss.
    • And also reduce chances of changes being noticed by player.

  • What's up, guys.

    New update here : now I decide to start public beta !

    I have to try to enhance my mod much more, but school assignments and upcoming exams are killing me.

    So I think it's better for YANA not to be tested by me alone, but to be played by many people, to make it greater than ever.

    But please note that this mod is still primitive and as a university student, my coding skills are not good at all.

    Before you download, please do read below:

    • This mod is still in beta. So there might be lots of bugs. If you find any, please let me know.
    • Installation:
      • Unzip downloaded file (YouAreNotAlone.zip).
      • Copy or cut two files inside, YouAreNotAlone.dll and YouAreNotAlone.xml, then paste inside of scripts folder which is placed in GTA V's main directory.
      • Open YouAreNotAlone.xml and choose settings you want.
      • Enjoy :)
    • Hardcoded list if you have legit copy:
      • RaceCar: ardent, autarch, banshee, banshee2, cheetah, cheetah2, comet3, comet5, cyclone, deluxo, dominator3, elegy, elegy2, ellie, entity2, entityxf, feltzer3, flashgt, fmj, gb200, gp1, gt500, hotring, infernus, infernus2, italigtb, italigtb2, jester, jester3, le7b, neon, nero, nero2, osiris, pariah, penetrator, pfister811, prototipo, rapidgt3, reaper, savestra, sc1, sentinel2, sentinel3, seven70, sheava, stromberg, sultanrs, t20, taipan, tempesta, tezeract, torero, turismo2, turismor, tyrant, tyrus, vacca, vagner, verlierer2, viseris, visione, xa21, z190, zentorno
      • RaceBike: akuma, bati, bati2, carbonrs, defiler, diablous, diablous2, double, fcr, fcr2, hakuchou, hakuchou2, lectro, nemesis, pcj, ruffian, shotaro, vader, vortex
      • Driveby: baller, balller3, bf400, bison, bodhi2, buccaneer, buccaneer2, cavalcade2, chino, chino2, daemon, dubsta, emperor, enduro, faction3, gargoyle, glendale, granger, hermes, huntley, innovation, manchez, minivan, nightblade, patriot, sabregt2, rancherxl, regina, sadler, sanchez, stalion, superd, tailgater, thrust, vindicator, voodoo, virgo2, warrener, wolfsbane
      • Terrorist: apc, khanjali, rhino
      • CopGround: police, police2, police3, policet, sheriff, sheriff2, police4, policeb
      • CopHeli: buzzard2, polmav
      • FIBGround: fbi, fbi2
      • SWATGround: riot, riot2
      • SWATHeli: buzzard, frogger
      • ArmyGround: barracks, barracks3, barrage, crusader, halftrack, insurgent, insurgent2, insurgent3
      • ArmyHeli: akula, annihilator, hunter, savage, valkyrie, valkyrie2
      • Firefighter: firetruk
      • Paramedic: ambulance
    • And if you have:
      • IVPack -
        RaceCar: cheetah3, sentinel4, supergt, turismo, typhoon, uranus
        RaceBike: double2, hakuchou3, nrg900
        Driveby: huntley2, marbelle
        Terrorist: apc2
        CopGround: police6, police8
        SWATGround: nstockade, pstockade
      • World of Variety -
        CopGround: sheriff3
        CopHeli: shemav
      • Vanillaworks Extended -
        RaceCar: blista4, cheetah4, comet6, deluxo2, dominator4, elegy4, elegy5, elegy6, es550, futo3, gauntlet3, gauntlet4, gauntlet5, hellhound, rapidgt4, tyrus2, vigero3
        RaceBike: kenshin
        Driveby: greenwood
        CopGround: bcso1, bcso2, bcso3, hwaycar5, hwaycar6, police18, police19, sheriff10, sheriff11
      • Dispatchworks -
        CopGround: bcso4, bcso5, bcso6, bulhway, bulhway2, bulpolice, bulpolice2, bulsheriff, coqhway, coqhway2, coqpolice, coqsheriff, facthway, infhway, infpolice, infpolice2, leesperanto, pbp1, pcpd1, pcpd2, pcpd3, police9, police11, police12, police13, police15, police16, police24, policet2, policet3, pranger3, rpdcar1, rpdcar2, rpdcar3, rpdsuv, rpdsuv2, sheriff7, sheriff9, uranushway, uranushway2, vaccapol, vcpd1, vighway, vigpolice, vigsheriff
        FIBGround: fbi6, fbi7, fbi8
        SWATGround: police14
        Firefighter: emertruk, riot3
        Paramedic: ambulance2, ambulance3, emssuv, emsvan
      • Dispatch of Variety -
        Terrorist: dovnapc
        CopGround: dovdtbuff, dovdtfugi, dovdtstan, dovhpbuff2, dovhpgran, dovhpstan2, dovngran, dovpolfugi, dovpolmerit, dovpolstan, dovshebuff, dovsheesp, dovsheranch, dovshestan, dovshetrans
        CopHeli: dovpolmav, dovshemav
        FIBGround: dovfibkur, dovfibranch, dovfibwash
        SWATGround: dovnboxv, dovnrcv, dovnstock, dovnsurge
        Paramedic: dovemambu
    • Known issues:
      • There is quite much performance loss. So please aware of it.
      • Still you may notice changes which are spawning and deleting entities.
      • Racers which spawned at the same time may not use same routes. But definitely they all have same destination, so they will meet some time.
      • For Aggressive Drivers and Racers who can use nitro, if their vehicles have tuned exhausts, nitro may not be released from proper exhausts.
      • Massacres usually jump when there are explosions near them, which I hate so much, but I couldn't fix for now. :(
      • Terrorists who use Khanjali with roof tuned can't shoot vehicle weapon well. I mean the peds rarely use it.
      • Fire fighters and paramedics sometimes don't spawn properly.
      • Everything you found. :)
    • Plans:
      • Fixing known issues
      • Adding logger to debug easier
      • Options to turn events on and off
      • Bank heist squad
    • Credits (alphabetically):
      • @_CP_ (for IVPack)
      • @Cass (for World of Variety)
      • @Carrythxd (for Vanillaworks Extended and Dispatchworks)
      • @drp4lyf (for Spawn MP Vehicles in SP)
      • @Eddlm (main reference of code)
      • @Stryfaar (for Dispatch of Variety and Better Ballistic Shield)
      • Especially everyone who has contributed in NativeDB
    • Special thanks to:
      • Rockstar Games
      • Alexander Blade
      • @crosire

    Hope you can enjoy it !


    Source code

  • Those who already have downloaded before now, I'm sorry but please download again. :(

    I've fixed blip related bugs and fire fighters spawning one.

  • New updates here:

    • Added logger. But it is so specific that it will let you suffer from huge performance loss.
      So please turn this on ONLY if you have problems with using my mod. Default setting is off.
    • A little bit better dispatches:
      • All the dispatches can be on duty even after off duty like vanilla dispatches.
        So when they are patroling after taking criminals down, if another criminals created, dispatches will fight with them.
        As army is only dispatched against terrorists, patroling army will fight with only new terrorists.
      • Fire fighters and paramedics can be too.
        It means fire fighters will put off new fires after getting back to vehicle, which will be done after putting off all of the fires. And paramedics will investigate new dead bodies unlike vanilla emergencies (in vanilla, they will flee from new fires or dead bodies, gun shots).

    Please note that this update has new xml file.

    So I highly recommend you to back previous xml file up, then replace YouAreNotAlone.dll and YouAreNotAlone.xml.

    After that, copy and paste previous settings EXCEPT "NoLog" option.

    Above link is updated as well, but for your convenience,

    You can download here

    Thank you for reading and Have a nice day :)

  • Hi ES_Sence :)

    First off, thank you for even attempting to undertake such a comprehensive project as this one.

    After downloading the latest version, I am still logging the same "item loop" error.

    Basically, it's more or less same error message just with a different timestamp. I think.

    When I check your new added log, all I get is this :

    [10.08.03] YouAreNotAlone started. (VER_1_0_1365_1_STEAM)

    So once again, thank you for entrusting us with testing this GREAT addition to the game, and I hope you will be able to locate the origin of the error without too much hassle. We are all rooting for you.

    Have a nice day and happy modding :)

    Here is the log :

    [09.48.23] [DEBUG] Loading scripts from 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\scripts' into script domain 'ScriptDomain_FF5BF2B2' ...
    [09.48.23] [INFO] Loading assembly 'YouAreNotAlone.dll' ...
    [09.48.24] [DEBUG] Found 3 script(s) in 'YouAreNotAlone.dll'.
    [09.48.24] [DEBUG] Starting 3 script(s) ...
    [09.48.24] [DEBUG] Instantiating script 'YouAreNotAlone.DispatchManager' in script domain 'ScriptDomain_FF5BF2B2' ...
    [09.48.24] [DEBUG] Started script 'YouAreNotAlone.DispatchManager'.
    [09.48.24] [DEBUG] Instantiating script 'YouAreNotAlone.EventManager' in script domain 'ScriptDomain_FF5BF2B2' ...
    [09.48.24] [DEBUG] Started script 'YouAreNotAlone.EventManager'.
    [09.48.24] [DEBUG] Instantiating script 'YouAreNotAlone.Main' in script domain 'ScriptDomain_FF5BF2B2' ...
    [09.48.24] [DEBUG] Started script 'YouAreNotAlone.Main'.
    [09.48.39] [ERROR] Caught fatal unhandled exception:
    System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
    Parameter name: index
       at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException(ExceptionArgument argument, ExceptionResource resource)
       at YouAreNotAlone.Main.OnTick(Object sender, EventArgs e)
       at GTA.Script.raise_Tick(Object value0, EventArgs value1)
       at GTA.Script.MainLoop()```

  • Hello, @grateful_for_mods !

    Thank you for reporting bugs you have exprienced with logs !

    The problem you have encountered is quite strange.

    According to the log of my mod, I think it's because of checking DLCs or setting up.

    If it's okay, can you copy and paste all texts in your YouAreNotAlone.xml file ?

    And once again, thank you for spending your time to test and report bugs ! :)

  • Thank you for your quick reply. My .xml is untouched. It's the one you included in your latest release. :)

  • @grateful_for_mods

    Ah, now I get it !

    I'm really sorry for bothering you, but I think this one might fix that problem.

    Thank you for your support ! :)

    Download here

  • Man, you are not bothering me at all. You are showing exemplary behaviour. Both as a contributor to the community and..well...as a person. It's inspiring.

    I will test it right away and report back later.

    Have a nice day :)

  • Thank you so much, @grateful_for_mods !

    Your every word means a lot !

    I’m kind of busy these days, so I feel bad that I can’t fully consentrate on making this mod.

    I’m just looking forward to summer break after final exam.

    For now, I hope my latest fix would help you play.

    Have a great you too ! :)

  • It works.

    This script is magical.

    That's all I have to say for now.


  • Great news, @grateful_for_mods !

    Thanks for the test.

    I’ll keep improving until you are overwhelmed !

    If stable version of this mod is finally released, it must be thanks to your contribution.

    And if you find any other issues, please don’t hesitate to claim them ! :)

  • Hey, guys !

    New updates are here:

    • Stack overflow crash issue with spawning vehicles may be fixed (hopefully).
    • Several vehicle models are added/removed.
    • Terrorist using roof tuned Khanjali which can't properly use its vehicle weapon is fixed.

    Above download links are updated, but for your convenience again,

    You can download it here as well :)


    Hello, is the tuning of vehicles on the street already working in the current version? Is this option still waiting to be added? Regards ;)

  • Hello, @Remix !

    If you mean the feature to tune vehicles already on traffic by popgroups.ymt, it's not in this mod.

    But I have tried and succeeded, so I can make one for you. Maybe tomorrow. :)

    Just please answer specifications below:

    • How often do you want to find tuned vehicles ? I mean, how many seconds. Like every 10 seconds.

    • Is it okay to randomize vehicle's primary and secondary colors ?

    • Do you want specific vehicle model or randomly selected one to be tuned ?

      • If specific, is it okay that you have to do additional work like typing spawn names of desired vehicles ?

      • If randomly selected, which vehicle class you want to be tuned, all or certain (like super, sports and so on) ?

    • Is it okay to tune neons / wheels / turbo / xenon headlights / tire smoke / bulletproof tires / windows tint ? Of coursely, horns will be disabled. Please choose mods you want.

      • If neons, is it okay to randomize neon color ?

      • If wheels, is it okay to randomize rim color ?

      • If tire smoke, is it okay to randomize smoke color ?


    Write to me in a private message, I will describe what and how ;)

  • What's up guys, I'm a closest friend of author, ES_SENCE.

    As he was highly injured by serious car accident several days ago, the one who notifies you new update should be me.

    All I could do is to access his GitHub, commit and build his latest work, then upload it.

    I hope you could enjoy it, and if you have any problems or questions, please let me know.

    I can't fix them but I'll tell them to him when he is better.

    If you like this mod, please join me to pray for him getting better as soon as possible.

    Download link

    Source code link

  • @TheBs Thanks for the link and I wish all the best for ES_SENCE.

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