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[Answered] Codewalker: Possibilities for Map Editing?

  • Hey all,

    So I have recently been highly engaged with modding in GTA V and I've been looking extensively into Codewalker.

    Now something I would really like to discover, and I do apologise if this has already been canswered. Can you remove entire buildings and replace them. But, also have this replicated within the game?

    For example:

    Removing the motel in Sandy Shores and replacing it with a newly polished bowling alley? (just an example)

    I've been messing around with the flow of traffic. In fact, re-routing roads etc for map mods. But I feel like such a tool should be used more frequently for modding, as there are a lot of possibilities.

    Thanks and hope my question is understood. :)


    @TheBritishRaccoon My rule of thumb: "if you can grab it in CW, then you can remove it." :)

    If by 'have this replicated within the game' you mean 'Can CW search & replace all instances of building X with building Y'?, then no, it can't. (You have any ideas how many ymaps there are?) Would be kinda pointless too, to do this automagically, as a new in-place building would have to be manually positioned first (and it's by no means certain the offsets used to replace it in one location will apply to every instance in the same way). Usually you can just use OpenIV to search for all objects X (which, in case of buildings, should typically only be handful of occurances).

    Unless I misunderstood you, and you meant something else. :)


    @TheBritishRaccoon said in Codewalker: Possibilities for Map Editing?:

    Removing the motel in Sandy Shores and replacing it with a newly polished bowling alley? (just an example)

    Okay, I think I see what you mean now. 'Replicate', as in 'effectuate the changes in game'? If so, then your question confused me a bit, as changes made are always made to the underlying ymap that's being edited! (CW simply -- and rightly so -- doesn't save it yet). It will ask to save the ymap for you when you exit CW, for instance. And you can pull up the ymap in question, and save (as) it manually as well.


    @Dekurwinator said in Codewalker: Possibilities for Map Editing?:

    @TheBritishRaccoon you cant just delete building. Cuz when you delete building LODs will stay.
    To do it you need (in short) to delete building, every level of LOD of it, fixing parenting in ymaps (removing any LOD will breake parenting between ymaps, few lods need to be manually edited in 3dsMax to delete from them building (like SLOD3)

    I have been removing some buildings; and yes, sometimes they have a LOD (or worse, are part of a single LOD encompassing several builds, so it needs to be edited out). And at times you need to remove one or two 'emissive' objects too (for a building with lights and such). My point just was, yes, you can treat CW as a glorified, far-superior Map Editor tool. :)

  • @meimeiriver and @Dekurwinator Thank you for the feedback, this has answered my question and due to my current limitations for having software, it will not be 100% possible for me. But thank you!

    I shall return to this awesome tool, and focus on the maps and scenarios I am creating without the need to remove buildings for now :D

    Cheers all.

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