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Blender 3d script for GTA5

  • Can anyone do the world a favor and write a script for Blender 3D so we all now finally can import Blender 3D objects into GTA5 ?
    To stop us being forced to spend $ 3000 on 3DS Max or the laggy Zmodeler3 . Just imagine the convenience. Are we still living in the stoneage or what ? Thanks in advance, we need a petition.

  • @elmentor You can use 3ds Max 2012 to 2016 stundent version (totally free, just need a free Autodesk account to download) + GIMS Evo plugin for GTA V because this is modding, not professional profit. Zmodeller3 has the best import/export filter for GTA V but is true, its tools not are efficient.

    About a script for Blender, exists some projects related to it but were abandoned by a simple reasson: GTA V has a big and complex multilayered material library and in Python is a shit to have access to GTA V HLSL shaders like do easily GIMS Evo or Zmodeller 3, so nobody progressed so far on it. Apart, Blender script developers are a lazzy community and not will to spent a lot of time decompiling and analyzing all Rage engine shaders, they did it for GTA III, Vice City and San andreas because were games with simple lit shaders.

  • ok the python makes sense. it explains why nobody jumped into this to gain world fame. I still think it should exist :) maybe some day

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