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More Peds - Back On Track

  • Ok, I know I have written about this before, but I ran into roadblocks, so my efforts were stalled for awhile. Been cracking at this for a long while now.

    Without question folks, we did NOT get a true PC port, we got the same damn thing for consoles - only got updated graphic enhancements....that's it though. If we had a true PC port, those damn city density sliders would have given us a HELL of a lot more traffic and peds on the streets when pushed to the furthest limits. IMHO, at the furthest limit, that should have given us the same quantity of peds and vehicles as if the sliders had been pulled all the way in.....it's THAT bad, and explains why everything is so barren, and boring AF.

    For quite some time now, I solved the matter for vehicular traffic, but peds have been a real struggle up until Yesterday. Yesterday, I witnessed for the first time what the real issue is with the aid of a tool provided to me by a fellow modder I have been working on this tirelessly on for a couple months now.

    With this tool, it showed me how little peds were spawning in the first place. Amazingly enough, ped count varied between high teens to maybe 50 at most, regardless of where I was on the map! That is why it is so barren! Sooooooooo.....a climb from these numbers to 256 would certainly provide a dramatic difference, and boy lemme tell you - IT DOES.

    So, I am still cracking at this, because quite a many edits need to be done to make this a reality for the entire map. I have already covered nearly the entire countryside, the pier, and parts of Vespucci, Banning, Cypress Flats, Chumash, and Chamberlain Hills. Once all edits are completed, a mod will be released to give us WAY more peds than ever thought possible.

    Also, there is a possibility for even more peds, as I have recruited the help of someone with coding skills - at the present moment, his efforts are a WIP, and I don't know yet what the outcome of his efforts will ultimately be.

    Just know, that "More Peds" is getting much closer to being a real thing. Soon.


    My only question is, on a scale of 1/10 how much will this sh*t on performance?

  • @Reacon Well.......IDK. If you are an FPS-whore type who has to have 100 FPS at all times, then this will not be for you. But, almost nothing will be for an FPS-whore type player. Those kinda people gladly push down all their graphical settings just to irk out another 5 FPS - never understood that madness in people. YOU CAN'T SEE THAT MANY FRAMES IN A SECOND!!!

    I don't have a FPS counter, cause I don't give a f*ck what those actual numbers are UNLESS my game reaches an unplayable state - only time I ever even think about FPS. So far, that has NEVER happened EVEN with my insane vehicle densities AND extra peds. Didn't notice ANY difference at all to be honest. I believe my average, FWIW, is in the low to mid 40s - and I am plenty fine with that to have all the vehicles and peds that I have FAR above boring ass vanilla defaults.


    @eshenk my settings piss me off cause I want a decent looking game but my pc averages 25-29fps

  • @Reacon That is perfectly fine trust me. Now unplayable typically for MOST games is anything below 20 FPS. But I tell you, for some reason, GTAV is the only game I have ever seen that could actually play below 20 FPS. I seen it dip into the low teens and still actually play LOL. That was a long time ago before I got my new graphics card, but I was blown away by that. If you want more FPS you can always turn off vsync


    @eshenk pretty sure I have it off tbh, I don’t even have all my settings up all the way plus I have a GTX 1060

  • So, we are really getting much closer to our goal here.

    Progress report: I have peds spawning at much higher rates than ever before. More tweaks needs to be done for certain areas, but so far, this is WAY more peds than you will ever see. Tomorrow, I will make the tweaks necessary to bring up ped counts in areas that are still lacking, but my advances so far have been tremendous. In the meantime, we have people in the background trying to lift this 256 ped limit to 1024....will keep this post updated until I feel it is right for release.

  • Progress is being made here on two fronts.....this latest video shows me through my own efforts to bring in more peds -


    In the interim, a scripted solution is also being worked on to, hopefully, bring us way more than can be achieved due to 256 ped limit. We are praying for the men working on this, to prevail in the end!


    @eshenk Any update on this bro?

  • Here's an update. Major progress across the board. Both in terms of the quantity and the quality of our added peds.

    Expect more information about the P.E.D.S initiative around early july.

    Have a nice day and...

    Happy modding.

  • @grateful_for_mods Was this ever updated or finished?

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