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Added car limit?

  • Hi all,

    been modding my game for a while now and have done pretty much everything you can do with it except...

    my game only allows me to have THREE added not replace but added cars. if i attempt to install any more over that it will crash upon startup. I have installed many replace vehicles without trouble but my game allows only 3 addon cars.

    any idea what this could be or how to fix it?


  • @LarsyNine Have you installed a gameconfig? If not check out https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gameconfig-xml-dilapidated


    @LarsyNine said in Added car limit?:

    I have installed many replace vehicles without trouble

    Yeah, no. See, that's where your thinking took a wrong turn to begin with. Installing 'many replace cars' is NOT a way to circumvent having to do addon cars, but often only exacerbates the situation, as all you're doing is basically have the game use an insane amount of resources on traffic cars. Like a single, fancy addon car can use as many resources as an entire 'vanilla' parking lot! So, turn all those into replace cars, and you're horridly taxing your game to start with. So, no wonder you can only add 3 addon car DLC's.

    Also, don't use 1 addon DLC for just 1 car. Consolidate!

    And also, get Dilapidated's gameconfig.

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