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Tutorial Request: Replace a .png to a .ytd file

  • Hi! I have started on modding and I have created my first car. I want a tutorial because I don't know how to replace a texture on the ytd file. Thank you for your support!

  • @mikelmiras
    Your image files are stored inside the .ytd file, you don't convert them to .ytd's.
    To create a new .ytd file, whilst on EDIT MODE on OpenIV, you can right click in the place where you want to have your vehicle files, click new, and then select texture dictionary:
    alt text
    Then you can name your texture file whatever, ideally 'vehiclename.ytd'. From there you can import your textures, (the .dds, .png's etc).
    To have them load in-game which your vehicle, as part of the vehicles.meta entry for your vehicle there's a tag near the top that should say:
    <txdName> </txdName>. Here you'll want to put the name of the .ytd file. So in the case of my screenshot here, the .ytd file I want to load in is named "FIBPSTAN2.ytd". So I'd input: <txdName>FIBPSTAN2</txdName> (as shown here) alt text

    Once you've added your textures to the .ytd file, you can also replace the individual files inside it, so let's say you have since updated a certain texture within the .ytd file. All you need to do is open the .ytd file (whilst in Edit Mode), find the texture inside the .ytd file, and in the top right of the .ytd tab there's a button which says 'replace', click that and you can then find the updated texture you need to replace. Once you've done that, hit save in the bottom right, and your .ytd file will then save. With that said, the 'rename' and 'delete' buttons in the top right are pretty self explanatory.

    Hopefully this will help you get started and in time, I'm sure you'll learn through practice and experience and come to understand more about how to do things, and which things do what within programs such as OpenIV and ZModeler etc. Wish you all the best.

  • @Jacobmaate and what do i do if i want to make a vest do i do the same because i did and it didt worked

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