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Simple Trainer command help [URGENT]

  • I'm using Scene Director and trying to make a scene, but I'm also using Simple Trainer for Airbreak and whatnot.

    Problem I'm having is that these two things are screwing each other. When I'm recording an actor scene, it tells me to press LAlt+R to stop recording, but when I press LAlt+R, Simple Trainer spawns a random vehicle right in front of my actor every time, teleports the actor who I'm recording a scene with into that vehicle and crashes my game. What the fuck? How do I stop it? It's been fucking up for at least half an hour now. Where and how do I make Simple Trainer not spawn a vehicle when I press LAlt+R or LAlt+any other key? I'm losing my goddamn mind, someone please respond.

  • @BrianThompson
    You will be able to fix that by opening 'trainerv.ini' with a text editor/Notepad++/OpenIV(right-click>'Edit') & then editing either/both of these values:

    SpawnRandomKey1=164 // Spawn Random Vehicle Default LALT
    SpawnRandomKey2=82 // Spawn Random Vehicle Default R

    Note: To change the keybinding you edit the number value after the '=' symbol (in bold above).

    Under the keybinding section in 'trainerv.ini' is a section headed


    It gives a little explanation on keybinding & lists how the numbers after the '=' relate to certain keys


    Key Code
    Left Mouse - 1
    Right Mouse - 2
    Middle Mouse - 4
    A = 65
    B = 66
    C = 67
    D = 68
    E = 69
    F = 70
    LAlt = 164
    RAlt = 165
    P = 80
    Q = 81
    R = 82
    S = 83

    Just change the '164' &/or the '82' in the 'SpawnRandomKey' lines to another number from the Key Codes list & you should be golden. :thumbsup:

  • Thank you very much, man! Holy shit. That was giving me headaches.

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