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where is observatory bulding model location in open iv

  • where is observatory bulding model location in open iv

  • @kingfire
    If no-one else knows you could use Codewalker to find out :thumbsup: You basically install it, run 'CodeWalker.exe', tell it where GTAV is & it should load the game externally in it's own window.
    It's a very advanced & capable bit of kit so I advise you read/watch/learn a few of the basic tutorials (in download link^/youtube etc) so you know your way about it but here are some of the basics to get you started:

    Download, install & then un CodeWalker.exe (you do not need the game running)
    Wait until it loads the GTAV world map
    Hit the little left arrow at the top right|
    Select 'Selection' tab
    Tick the box that says 'Mouse select (right-click)' & leave the dropdown box on 'Entity' for now.
    Use W,S,A,D & the mouse to move to the Observatory (in the loaded map) & right-click it so that the box around it turns green
    You will then get all mannner of info (texture location, ymap location etc) about that entity in the box on the right (see pic below)

    alt text

  • @a63nt-5m1th thank you bro for your comment and your advise I just found it by searching its
    And again thank you bro

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