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MAP loading slow,some time even lost..

  • running game with aorus 1080ti xtreme edition+8700 and 16gb ram 2666 ddr4 at 4K res max out the set...also with ENB and Reshade..and I mixed redux and NVR and got 20+ add on car or map,road etc...and some scripts.
    I can run the game perfectly at 45FPS+ but Some times i got some map lagging for a very short moment..
    some body help me PLZ ;)

  • plz... help..

  • It would of been quicker for you to test settings and mods yourself.

  • @zyankenta said in MAP loading slow,some time even lost..:


    Redux is crap and consists of stolen stuff. Get rid of that sh*t!

  • @zyankenta I have a regular Aorus 1080 Ti, and the map occassionally still lags. I have a fancy home at Cassidy Creek, for instance; but even when I remove it, the map still drops to like 45 FPS nearing that bridge. It's object related somehow (and Mount Chiliad has underground facilities too, that may be 'drawn' when you approach it, and slow things down). So, I'm not entirely sure this is truly solvable.

    Oh, and Redux is crap and consists of stolen stuff. Get rid of that sh*t!

  • @meimeiriver thank you sir!! I just use the Redux's timecycle and mix with NVRs' Get the best part from botn ;) now I solved the problem!! just dont replace OEM vehicle, get ADD-ON!!

  • @Cass ye sir I did!! no more replacing vehicle no more lag

  • @Cyron43 did it!! thanks man!!

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