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How to import clothes without bones?

  • I'm learning modelling for Gta V, I'm use 3dsmax, I have a question with this video

    How did he import the hat model without bones? I can't figuring out, can someone help? Thanks

  • @freedompixel This section of the forum is for providing tutorials, not asking for them.

  • @freedompixel If you ask about how to import a hat and things without bend, the tutorial is clear, is using GIMS Evo plugin for GTA V and hats are solid props like glasses and other stuff, not needs bones in GTA V.

    But if you are asking about: How to import jackets, pants and stuff like that without bones is like How to born as human without bones? You can't! Bones are necessary for animations bends in clothes and body components for EVERY GAME AND 3D APPLICATION.

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