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Doomsday Heist Weapons problem (SinglePlayer)

  • Hello friends. I have 1.43 version of the game, fully up to date, has all the latest DLCs including Doomsday Heist and Southern San Andreas
    I use latest versions of Script Hook V, Script Hook V Dot Net, Lua, Trainer V, Menyoo and everything

    I have all the cars, weapons and everything but there is a problem
    when I spawn weapons in singleplayer, they all spawn except for 7 weapons of Doomsday DLC
    I command "give all weapons" with any trainer they wont show up. they wont show up by manually selecting them too. I just cant get them

    list of the weapons that are absent /or I cant get :
    Revolver MK2
    SNS Pistol MK2
    Pump Shotgun MK2
    Bullpup Shotgun MK2
    Special Carbine MK2
    Marksman Rifle MK2
    Double Action Revolver

    please help me get them. thanks

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