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Modding and GTA Online

  • Hi all.

    I want to mod some things in my GTA V. However, I'm an active Online player and I'm scared about a ban for using mods.

    To this time, I've using ScriptHook and NativeTrainer. Unfortunately, I always have to delete them from GTA main folder before playing Online. Now, I'm experimenting with Mod Manager and it's working. I don't have to delete the single files because that tool does it for me.

    I read I need the OpenIV to install car mods. So I installed it but when I added it to Mod Manager, NativeTrainer doesn't work. And there's my main question.

    Do I combine the OpenIV and the Mod Manager that I can delete all mods before playing Online? How can I do it? Maybe is there an other, better, program which can be helpful?

    If I can find somewhere a tutorial about it, I'll grateful for link.

    I think you understand my post. English isn't my native language so I know there must be mistakes :)

  • @Adr3r Every mod manager can have issues and the possiblity to go online with modded files is there.
    I have made a simple foolproof solution. Just make two folders on the same harddrive location with all the GTA 5 files in it and rename it to "GTA5" when in use.
    (i have two folder, one named "GTA5_Modded" with all files and modded one in it and one "GTA5_Online" with all files - only original and clean ones - and depending on online or not I rename the folder which I will use "GTA5" and start it with the normal desktop shortcut - the shortcut will always use the one with the name "GTA5").
    This is the safest and fastest solution for me.

  • @Adr3r You don't have to delete anything! Just rename dinput8.dll to dinput8.dll.off and start the game. This library is the hook which scripthookv uses to communicate with the game. If dinput8.dll cannot be found your game is plain vanilla as long as you haven't modified original data and use a mods folder for everything regarding vehicles, retextures etc.
    Mod managers are all crap and do your gaming experience more harm than anything else.

    @Marcel2015 I wouldn't recommend your method because it produces 70+ GB overhead.

  • @Cyron43 " I wouldn't recommend your method because it produces 70+ GB overhead"
    That's true. But for me it's the best and safest option. I was already banned before (I still don't know the reason, everything was disabled and with mod folder) and I don't want to risk a permanent ban.

  • Thanks for your replies. I has got a lot of space on my harddrive, so Marcel's solution seems to be good but I don't sure I know everything good. One folder is named GTA5_Modded, second folder is named GTA_Online, it' s clear for me. When I want to play modded singleplayer mode, I have to change the name of GTA5_Modded to GTA5 and when I have to play Online, I have to change the name of GTA5_Online to GTA5, right?

  • @Adr3r Exactly.

  • @Adr3r And the advantage of this solution is that you can still play the online version when there is a Rockstar update. After the Rockstar update you can update the online folder and play online or/and you can play the modded one (when waiting for scripthook update) either with no internet connection or with a bypass launcher and after the scripthook update you can update the modded folder too.

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