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Menyoo Object spooner HELP

  • How do I make the ped follow me in the car? I spawned a ped with Object spooner - set his ''relationship'' to Spooner friends, entity is in the database, I set him as dynamic, unticked the ''is still'' function so he moves, set his task sequence to ''Follow entity'', ticked the task to run after allocated time and set status to run and the asshole still doesn't want to get in my vehicle? Why the fuck? He follows me when I'm not foot, but when I get in the car, the asshole just stands outside the car and looks at me. What the fuck am I doing wrong? Please, someone respond, it's urgent.

  • im not having that issue just copy a new directory and put the mod menu into the new one. Just give it a go ;)

  • @BrianThompson This section of the forum is for providing tutorials, not asking for them.

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