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Mods for Enhancing Story Mode

  • Hi all

    I want to replay story mode again. However, I played it three times and now I want to change things to feel kinda fresh.

    I am planning to install:

    World of Variety Lite
    Realistic Traffic AI
    Euphobia Ragdoll Overhaul
    MP Big Radar in Single Player
    Hide Minimap Shortcut
    Scenario Groups
    Driver Controls Vehicle Mounted Weapons
    Mors Mutual Insurance - Single Player
    Beta Takedowns
    Push and Shove
    Seatbelt + Seat Shuffle + GPS radar in specific vehicles
    Skip Radio Song
    Don't Lemme Smash
    No Rockstar Logo - Intro
    Tunable Home Radio

    Do you recommend any other mods to enhance story mode while playing the missions?


  • @ReadDead See my posts here:

    Especially "Realistic Driving", "Gun Recoil", "Better Chases - Arrest Warrant", "Pull Me Over" and "Time Scaler (longer days)" are a must.


    @ReadDead you're not supposed to do campaign with mods, can mess it all up

  • @Reacon Mostly it's not a problem to play the campaign with mods and if it interferes severely, you can still disable it.


    @Marcel2015 you're not supposed to use a modded gameconfig for missions, and if you're installing mods you need one of those so it will most likely mess up somewhere in his game

  • Thank you for all of your suggestions.

    1. I am not interested in addon vehicles, so as I understand I don't need a different gameconfig.
    2. Also I read somewhere that script mods may break missions, so I choose them wisely right now.

  • @ReadDead Exactly. I play also the story again without addon vehicles (I also don't need a different gameconfig). My mods have until now worked good in the story mode (51% progress).

  • I've played the entire story several times already with a slightly modified gameconfig with the only modification was 2.5x more pedestrians without any issues.

  • Here is some of the most important mods I use in story mod:

    Redux tweaked
    I have not had any big issue with any of this mods in story mods but Im not finished playing so who knows.

  • @xxx78 Forget redux! It contains stolen code and is the cause for many crash complaints here in the forum!

  • Yeah I heard the accusations and I know the developer is pretty eccentric, and normally I take such things seriously, but to my understanding the accusations feel thin, but I can be wrong. Anyway Redux is much more than that and in my experience it work very well. Only problem I have with it is that it tweak too many things making it a nightmare to be compatible with other mods.

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