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Reshade / sweet fx no more allow?

  • have any one problems with reshade / sweet fx?
    i have a ban and i dont no why :(
    only mod what i have is reshade / sweet fx

  • @hiwi234 Mods are not allowed in GTA V ONLINE, no matter which kind!

  • @hiwi234 said in Reshade / sweet fx no more allow?:

    i have a ban and i dont no why :(

    Gee, why do you think?

  • @Cyron43 sweet fx reshade was allow i play long time with this no problem and offizal statemant no problem -> in german: http://www.pcgameshardware.de/GTA-5-Grand-Theft-Auto-5-Spiel-4795/News/Rockstar-erlaubt-kosmetische-Mods-v-1158000/

    so what now? modder trolls me? :s

  • @hiwi234 This article is from 2015! Rockstar has changed their terms of service in the meantime. So yeah, your ban is justified. Nothing you can do about it except for begging maybe but we at this site are not able to help you with that.

  • @Cyron43 sinse 2015 no ban or problems xD
    now my question is something is change by rockstar? any news or i have bad luck?


    @hiwi234 because they decided they want absolutely ZERO mods to ever see gta online. Don’t you remember the whole open of debacle last year?

  • @hiwi234 Haven't you read what I told you??? ROCKSTAR CHANGED THEIR TOS, NO MODS WHATSOEVER!!!
    Capice, verstanden, kapiert? Junge, Junge, rede ich mit einer Wand oder was?


    @Cyron43 bruh lmao

  • @hiwi234
    Maybe you should read the GTA5mods rules found here
    Specifically: "Can I use these mods for online use?
    No. The mods on this site are generally designed for singleplayer use only, and discussions about modding GTA: Online with the intent of cheating are not supported or allowed. Furthermore, your RGSC account may get banned by Rockstar for using mods online." Not saying this to be an a-hole, merely to inform even though it's explicitly known that online modding is strictly prohibited both with the game and on this website.

  • So basically there is absolute nothing allowable to improve the graphics of the game if you also want to play online safely.

    Cheat modders with their money spawning and god modes have ruined it for everyone by making R* take a blanket ban approach. Yet the online game is still packed full of cheaters because they just buy new accounts every time they get banned anyway.

    NVIDIA offer a game filter (nvidia freestyle) as part of Geforce Experience which can force certain effects at driver level. But it has limited options and does not offer any anti aliasing (which imo is the biggest issue with this game). Plus it is quite glitchy and obviously limited to NVIDIA GPUs.

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