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Import issue (messed up textures and animation)

  • Currently, I'm working on a couple of custom vehicles, and have run into a number of problems. I think I can sort my way through most of them, but there' s one problem that's completely baffled me, and I'm hoping someone around here can give me some tips on how to solve this issue?

    I'm trying to import the engine from the Hustler into another vehicle, do to it being a fully-modeled engine. The engine has animations for idle/revving (the motor shakes), and the pulleys/belt move on the front. It also has a couple additional mods that can be added, namely a blower that includes an alternate set of pulleys that also connect to the blower. The problem I'm having here, is that everything imports perfectly fine (models and materials), the engine does its shaking animation (I've also been able to attach other parts to the engine and those move perfectly in sync with the engine animations), but the belt and pulleys look really messed up. The texture doesn't load in properly (it doesn't look mapped properly, and remapping the UV doesn't seem to do anything), and when looking at it in-game, only half of the pulleys are moving, and the belt only moves "around" those working pulleys (basically everything on the left half), whereas everything on the other side seems frozen in place.

    What bothers me even more is that when looking at the model in Zmodeler3, all of the belt and pulley textures look perfectly fine. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I may have done wrong? Spawning in the Hustler in-game, everything works fine on the default car. However, if I try to import the aforementioned pieces into ANY other car model, I run into the issue described above. This is also taking into consideration that when importing this objects into ANY vehicle model, I've made sure to not do anything at all to the materials, textures, or the model itself (besides physically moving the pieces into a position that can be seen in-game to test, as in the video below). I think it's safe to say that moving the objects isn't the cause of the problem, as no matter where I move it (if at all), the problem still shows up the exact same way.

    A final note I'd like to chip in: the blower that I'm using from the Hustler is actually from the vehiclemods folder, though I don't think that should matter, as the objects all show up fine, and the materials/textures obviously import as well. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! I'd be happy to share the file as well, though be forewarned that I haven't set up any of the LODs for L1-4, and there's probably all sorts of other issues with it as well.

    Other issues I'm having that I wouldn't mind some help solving, though are much less important to me at the moment:

    • when colliding with any in-game object hard enough to break a part off the car, the part breaks off and becomes a duplicate of the car itself
    • none of the glass breaks (I think that has something to do with me not having set up any of the low LODs, as the broken glass is included in those... I think?)
    • I've added a wheelie bar to the rear end, and have tried to add a collision model for it so that the wheelie bar actually "works" by hitting the ground when the car does a wheelie (I've set up the handling.meta as such); it seems that the collision box still passes right through the road/surface that you're driving on. It does should up in the [COL] view properly, and I think at one point I was able to get it to collide with in-game objects (tested by backing into a wall), but that was the extent of the collision working
    • while everything still exports back into a YFT just fine, I keep getting a warning message in Zmod3 that reads "Unknown object name "hustler_blowc". Using random ID: it might not work correctly in game script." Obviously this refers to the blower pieces that I added in to the Sabre GT model, but I'm not sure what I should be changing to get rid of this error. I know where to change the name and ID; which one should I change, and to what?

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