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Police cars replacement

  • Hi guys,

    I try to replace all police cars by some real models to bring more diversity and realistic effect during chases (lights pattern improved, more lights and patterns on new cars, realistic lighting : really awesome results).

    First I replaced the Stanier Cruiser by the Crown vic of Bxbugs123 :
    --> I have only one pb : the lighting is red and blue but the reflection of the light on the environment is only blue.

    Then I replaced the Sheriff Stanier by the Dodge Charger Pursuit of Bxbugs123 :
    --> same problem, the reflection is only blue.

    For these two models, I didn't respect the installation adviced. I replaced only the .ytd/.ytf files.
    That was for testing but surprisingly, all work very well.

    For the other cars, everything is working well. For example, I also replaced the buffalo by the Dodge Charger of Bxbugs123 (with different skin) and everything is perfect ! Even the lighting reflection is red and blue.

    Do you know how I could do to have a correct lighting reflection (red & blue) ?

    For the case Sheriff Stanier replaced by the Dodge Charger, I would understand if there is a bug since this model is not optimized to replace this car. The lights are well placed tho, I have only have the reflection pb.

    Thanks in advance for any advice !

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