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[SCRIPT] Modification of Weather Forecast Notification mod

  • I am working with the Chiliad Mystery subreddit and i have a (hopefully small and easy) request to make.

    I have been looking at weather and looking at how it works in the game, specifically to debunk a lot of rumors about what can change weather patterns.

    I came across the Weather Forecast Notification mod ( https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/weather-forecast ), but I have very little knowledge of script or how to compile/recompile it with certain preferences.

    The modifications that would be super helpful for my research -

    1. Change the notifications to simple terms rather than new reports. Something simply like "Weather - EXTRA_SUNNY"

    2. Notifications come for the next weather when the NEXT_WEATHER_TYPE switches to CURRENT_WEATHER_TYPE. I would rather get CURRENT_WEATHER_TYPE at that moment, as that would be the start of that weather. Getting a notification for the next weather as soon as the current one (previous the next) starts gets confusing when trying to track the hours involved between switches.

    3. Not needed, but as an extra - Tuning the notification to give CURRENT and NEXT weather types

    This would help the mystery community learn more about weather patterns, how they affect the game, and how to track "natural" storms.

    Thank you for your time.

  • It would be a fairly simple change to achieve what you want. Simply change line #47 of the source to look something like this:

    var current = (WeatherType)Function.Call<int>(GTA.Native.Hash._GET_CURRENT_WEATHER_TYPE);

    WarnPlayer("", "Forecast", “Current weather - “ + current.ToString() + “\nExpected - “ + expectedWeather.ToString());

    You can then save the file with a .cs extension and copy it to your scripts folder.

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