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Script mods don't work

  • I have .NET Framework and Visual C++ Redistributable for visual studio and NativeUI.dll inside my 'scripts' folder; ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet is in the main directory along with dinput8.dll and not a single mod that I put in the 'scripts' folder even loads. And when I exit my game and look in the main directory, no log files for ScriptHookV or ScriptHookVDotNet. I would really appreciate any help that comes my way.

  • @Free-Cdai

    1. You got that dinput8.dll from the scripthookV download? I'm asking because some 'smart' people think it's a good idea to take a copy of the original dinput8.dll from C:\Windows\System32\ but it's not.

    2. Is that a cracked version of GTA V?

    3. If it's a legit copy, is your game up to date?

  • I have a legit version of GTA V and it's up to date; I don't recall where I got my dinput8.dll though. All I know is that nothing in my scripts folder works.

  • @Free-Cdai said in Script mods don't work:

    I don't recall where I got my dinput8.dll though

    Well you need the one which comes with the scripthookv download. This is a special hacked version of the original dinput8.dll and it (so to say) drills a whole into the game and that makes it possible to modify it.

  • I now remember that I got my dinput8.dll from the ScriptHookV download; nothing I put in the scripts folder works or even loads. Mind you, I still have NativeUI.dll in the scripts folder and everything is up to date.

  • I've now identified that script mods don't work because ScriptHookVDotNet doesn't load for some reason; my question now is why won't it run and how can I get it to run?

  • Has there been a Rockstar update in the last couple of days? I'm not really up to date. :/ Maybe this is the reason?


  • @ Free Cdai - I recall receiving similar message when I started to modify my game. Unfortunately cannot remember what was causing it. :/ I am sure though it is because you miss some vital file (like dinput8.dll for that matter).

    Maybe I'll try to move some files of mine in the evening in order to reproduce your error. ;) I could let you know then.

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