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Will a 250 watt power supply be enough ?

  • Hi everyone I want to upgrade my pc to a msi GeForce gt 1030 aero 2gb oc gpu, I have a dell inspiron 3668 desktop it has a i5 7400 @ 3.00 ghz to 3.5 ghz........one chip of 8gb ddr3 memory, a stock motherboard with wifi and Bluetooth......a normal disc drive and a tb wd hdd........will I be able to use this gpu without any problems from the psu.

  • @Rickus1221 Guidance here in this forum.

    In my opinion is not recommended, even if is a no power supply connection required to card, can start and works fine the system and the 1030 might just barely, but with the time and heavy tasks in GPU like playing GTA V, a failure is highly possible.

  • @MetaGTA ok thanks........what psu will you recommend....300watt ?

  • @Rickus1221 WAY too low. 250W? That was so like 20 years ago, and I am not kidding either. You can't even buy PSUs like that anymore. If your hardware is last generation, a minimum of 500W will be required. I myself have an 850 W PSU.

  • I have 1000w to power my two SLI 980Ti . Get a 680w or better.

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