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Questions about Map Editor

  • Hey, I had a few questions that I was unable to find online, despite them seeming pretty obvious.

    1. How do we spawn custom vehicles that we added using map editor? (Looking to spawn in onebeast. When I use the trainer, it despawns soon and isn't included in the save.)

    2. How do I stop ped traffic? (I'm trying to make a "restricted area" and I have roadblocks with police directing traffic, but the peds keep driving into them. Is there anyway to fix this?)

    3. How do I add drivers to vehicles? (I don't want them to be driving, just rather stationed in the driver's seat.)

    4. Is it possible to get more animations? (Looking for a bodyguard animation with the model's hands crossed over their belt.)

    5. Finally, sometimes when I press V to spawn in a vehicle, I am unable to see the Map Editor UI or move around. I am just stuck in space unable to do anything. (I assume it is because I am switching perspectives in game, but am not sure. Any ideas on how to solve this?)


  • @pdugery for custom vehicle you can use menyoo.
    For the other thing there is CodeWalker program
    Map editor is good for object placement ( fast and easy) but not that great for complex scenario

  • For the custom vehicle spawning using Menyoo I found that they did not save in my Map Editor XML save files. Am I doing something wrong or is that not possible to do?

    And another question is it possible to stop having my police officer NPC's turn towards every ambient police chase they hear? I am by the airport and some of the game police chases that occur keep causing them to all turn and just stare in the direction it came from. Some of the NPCs do it, and some don't. I looked to see if there was a reason for this, but I was unable to find one.

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