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not optimalised "replaced" vehicles = data error ?

  • I am pretty new in customization of GTA V so I want ask if data error, have any relationship with not optimalized replaced vehicles?

    I mean, most of times I wasn't using (updating) files like vehicles.meta, handling.meta, carvariations.meta. (I didn't read detailed about it and wasn't sure how it is doing, now I know how easy it is). I have only about 120 vehicles replaced (no one add-on), and I have problem with data error after few minutes of playing. Have this some relation to it?

    When I delete whole "mods" file and replace all vehicles again with respectable editing every meta file with every replaced car, will I be able to replace multiple more things than I have now or it doesn't matter and will be the same? Don't wanna waste time and as I told I am new in this, that's why I am asking if I am right in this.

    Thanks in advance for all answers and tips, as I know how annoying can this topic be for experienced people :pray:

  • Ill bump this for you so someone familiar with this can see it. From what I've read previously it sounds like a game config issue or maybe there are just too many vehicles for the game to handle.

  • @GTA-Modding-Noob all of them was replaced so I think can't be a lot but i didn't change files as tuning or replaced it in last folder but not in all folders (some cars are in more folders but when you replace it in last, it change ingame) for lot of them and for example convertible cars was noncovertible after replacing, I think it all have what to do with unoptimalizing the game and caused error.

    I started modding again, started from maps so still no one car replaced but have hundreds of items replaced now and still working properly, just taking care to change every one file and every one data which are related to the items.

  • Damn seems like you've got your work cut out for you. I misread it before I thought this was similar to an 'overload' error I was reading about the night before. Hows it going now? Encountered any more issues?

  • @GTA-Modding-Noob I started from bigger things as maps and buildings so didnt start with cars yet much. Edited only convertible roofs to make them nonconvertible to dont have glitches when replace convertible car with nonconvertible car. But started new topic with new problem which I have with maps lol - https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/19896/how-to-repair-black-vehicles-textures-in-xml-map

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