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[MISC] [RELEASED] Gangs Of Los Santos

  • Gangs Of Los Santos 2.0

    The mod that brings diversity to the ghettos of Los Santos, while maintaining an ambient atmosphere to vanilla surroundings. No longer is Los Santos safe anymore with territories marked with gang activity. Stay strapped.

    Bullet Points

    • New gang zones
    • New vehicles (lowriders, jdm cars, sports cars and motorbikes)
    • BMX's added to Marabunta Grande and Aztecas
    • Female gang members are able to ride/drive cars, bmx's and motorbikes
    • Gang members spawn in vehicles now
    • Can carry other gang passengers
    • Gangs now play a more active role in the game
    • Previous big turfs have now been divided up to give it a realistic feeling
    • The gang members in these zones all carry firearms
    • Aztecas are now an actual gang complete with their own dialog
    • Peds have been totally overhauled
    • All the peds clothing branding is from the GTA universe
    • Lore friendly


    • Megellan Ave Murabunta Grande
    • Vespucci Vagos
    • Forum Drive Families
    • Carson Ave Murabunta Grande
    • Grove Street Ballas
    • Rancho Vagos
    • Jamestown Street Aztecas
    • McDonald Street Ballas
    • Innocence Blvd Vagos
    • Cypress Flats Armenian Mob
    • Fudge Lane Marabunta Grande
    • El Burro Heights Lost MC
    • Amarillo Vista Aztecas

    Things To Know

    • Game will crash without a custom gameconfig (provided in the mod)
    • Works with NVR if installed after NVR
    • Uses a custom scenarios file which may or may not conflict with other mods
    • Bundled in OIV format with uninstaller included
    • Works with WOV if installed on top of it (Thanks Cass)

    I have tried to use the areas that are most fitting for the gangs hence the reason why you wont see gang areas in Vinewood Hills and Mirror Park. I appreciate the support that everyone has given me and am thankful that it was a featured mod. Please let me know of any bugs you may find and I will do my best to fix them.

    Also before talking shit on my page for your game crashing please read the Readme and ask for help. Other than that enjoy and i hope you like the mod and the video i created for it. (Never made a video before so go easy on me if its shit)


  • This post is deleted!


    @LDNENG Man lookin forward to this one


    @LDNENG Bro you think you could add @Jedijosh920 gangmod to your mod with permission? Would be the Ultimate gangmod!!!

  • @Biggdogg that would be sick man, the script would need to be revamped to make it work and look good. Im down to work with anyone if they are down to work with me lol.

  • @Biggdogg said in [MISC] [RELEASED] Gangs Of Los Santos: @LDNENG
    @Jedijosh920 gangmod to your mod with permission? Would be the Ultimate gangmod!!!

    Hell yeah that would be dope but good luck finding Jedijosh - I don't think he's been around for a while. But you never know he might be down for letting you use his mod.

  • alt text alt text

    It doesn't replace any slot in gang model
    It spawns on peds on streets
    No, it isn't done yet

  • Still looking for a translator if anyone could please help, Spanish audio files.


    @LDNENG I speak Spanish, what exactly are you trying to translate?

  • Progress:

    Jokes aside, there will be A LOT more variety in game, we're working hard on update

  • Teasers

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text



    @LDNENG Looks legit, good work bro

  • Some pics of the Aztecas, audio is working and done too. New update should be out hopefully in a week or two.

    Enjoy hope you like it.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • @Pr0trikk Looking good bro. I had to start over with installing a lot of mods so gonna reinstall this again but just seeing if the new update will work on my old game version when it's released?

  • @krissboo Sounds good, in about a week or two bro.. You want to be a tester?

  • @LDNENG I would say yes bro, but i'm a bit too busy with work at the mo so I'll pass. don't wanna waste your time.

  • @krissboo all good bruv


    @LDNENG man lookin good, you put a lot of work into this mod

  • As you may well know, 2.0 has been released. Have some left over screenshots.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

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