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[PLAYER] Saints Row 2 Mod

  • Hello everyone,

    since i played SR2 i always was liking the Ronin, the Yakuza Gang.
    I would really like to have their Outfit in Gta 5.
    It would be cool to have it as a Player Outfit for Franklin and/or to have a High Res Player Modell.
    Something really cool about the Ronin Clothes was wearing the Katana on the Back.
    Would be cool to have that mod for Gta 5 role Playing :)
    ps i know there is a ronin Jacket on this site.. but the problem is it is not what i wanted because it dont have nice textures... and some time pass since this mod was created, now you modders have more possibilities

    Maybe a good modder can do this for me and others.
    Thank you! :)

    alt text

  • You can look on the Picture to knwo how it looks like : )

  • No one? :(

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