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GTA5 Randomly Crashes.

  • Hello to anyone who is reading,

    My GTA V just will not stop crashing after around 5 minutes of usage. It is very inconsistent, but always 5 minutes or below really. It just flashes off, closing the GTA V window, and says the "quit unexpectedly" launcher page. I have tried reinstalling 3 times, removing my .oiv Package mods, etc. Nothing is working. It is extremely annoying.

    UPDATE: Completely forgot to mention, and it may be unrelated, but my GTA V (after every reinstall) will only start up by using a Launcher Shortcut file with the "-verify" at the end to verify files. If I do not start GTA V up using that, It will quit unexpectedly.

    Mods List:
    -Vanillaworks Extended Pack
    -World Of Variety (P.S - I have necessary compatibility extras installed for top 3 mods)
    -IV Pack
    -Natural Vision Remastered
    -Visual V
    -Project From The Past
    -Lore Friendly Wheels
    -Various add on vehicles; around 11
    -Various replacement vehicles; around 30
    -Various scripts; around 11

    I'm really confused as to why - as I can't see any (obvious) problems.
    I'm free to copy/paste any files - but was unsure of the ones I would need, so I didn't pre-post any.

    Thanks for reading, and if you have any suspicions as to what this could be, please feel free to say something! Any contribution is appreciated

  • @ethannn_ if re installing the stock game again without mods and testing vanilla game didn't help then. it means its not the mods that are causing the crash.

    you will have to look into issues such as, Drivers, windows updates, registeries , possible virus.

    please check the game without any mods installed and see if the game runs for 30 minutes roaming around the city.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Ok thanks. I will try uninstalling the mods folder asi.

  • @FoxtrotDelta with the asi that supports the mod folder uninstalled, no crash. All scripts/menyoo mod etc still in game - can't be them then.

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