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Spaces (& possibly other characters) in Usernames causing possibility of missing Notifications

  • My username is 'a63nt 5m1th' but for me to be notified the site changes the space to a hyphen (-).


    @a63nt 5m1th does not work while @a63nt-5m1th does even though my visual username is 'a63nt 5m1th'

    This is causing confusion & results in me not recieving notifications if for example, someone copies & pastes my username from a mod comment or doesn't use the sites dropdown @ selection in the forums.
    I have contacted the powers that be for a slight username change & requested they change the site policy to remove this as a issue permanently but I thought I would also throw this out there so that there is at least a chance that users that are missing notifications would find this post & be aware of the issue. :thumbsup:

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